My Autumn Style

Autumn is the time of year where you can start wearing your sweaters, scarves, fury coats and your favorite boots.  Incorporating some of the deep beautiful colors into your wardrobe.  Most of those colors you will see in the trees around you like Cranberries, Yellows, Burnt Oranges, Reds and Burgundies.

This years Fall fashion has Orange, Yellow and Mustard.  Currently I’ve kept my Autumn style somewhat casual but sheek.

This Lace Up Back Cardigan calls out cozy and warm to me.  It’s a staple piece that I had to add in my Autumn wardrobe.  I realized I didn’t really have knit cardigans so when I saw this one, I immediately grabbed one for myself.   It comes in different colors and perfect to have as were transitioning into the colder months.  I love that I can put together a simple t-shirt and jeans and throw this cardigan on top and it will keep me warm.

Sacha Jogger Pants are on trend for this Fall.  Perfect for a relaxing day. You can’t go wrong with a pair of dressy jogger pants with cuffs.  Dress it down with a t-shirt or style it up with heels and a top/blouse.  I’ve gone really casual here, wearing a Cowl Neck Sweater from Dynamite.  

My outfit above is all for comfort.  The sweater is from Marks & Spencers and it’s a light soft fabric that you can layer with another shirt or just wear on its own.  The pants are from H&M and they are a stretchy, fitted style with a small slit on the bottom.  You can dress them up or just wear them with  Jersey Sneakers like I have done here.  My sneakers are from Joe Fresh.  There range of clothing and shoes has a nice variety from casual to formal.

I’ve been seeing so many different styles of coats when shopping.  I’ve been eyeing up a wool coat that I’ve seen in the shops in a Baby Pink and Forest Green. I finally decided and picked up this one in Dynamite and I’m so glad I did.  This one is a Funnel Neck Coat and  I just love the texture on the outside, it’s so soft.  It looks like a light coat but it’s so comfortable and it keeps me warm.

This is a Chiffon Floral Long Sleeve Maxi Plunge Dress I found online from RoseGal.  That was a long name.  To be honest, I bought this dress in March and meant to wear it through Spring/Summer but had it hanging in my closet and just forgot about it.  I thought maybe I can somehow style it up for Autumn.  It’s made from sheer fabric with lining inside.  I figured, with the dark floral prints, I can make it work for Autumn.  I’ve worn my ankle boots from Naturalizer which looks quite nice but you can also dress it up further with a pair of heels that will look lovely.

I’ve tried to put together some looks that are casual but stylish.  I also like to see what the latest trends are for inspiration but will always wear what I like.  If it’s attracted my attention, then it’s coming home with me.  Hopefully I’ve given some inspiration here and something that will work for everyone.