Feel Good About Yourself

What do you do to feel good about yourself?

I’m talking about self care and self love.  Be kind to you! Take care of yourself!

No one thinks about this because we just don’t have enough time. Every now and then I think it’s important to pamper ourselves. Treat ourselves to something nice. We want to feel important. We’re hard on ourselves and we all do that. Especially if something hasn’t gone the way you had planned. Late for work, appointments missed, work deadlines not completed, cancelled plans etc. The list goes on and we often blame ourselves that we could have done better or I should have done it this way but another thing to add to that are Anxiety, depression, stress and the world of social media.  Then there are the people you are surrounded by, many who love and support you and then there are some who only stay around because they want something from you and or they put you down.

These also play a big role in the way we feel and think about ourselves. I think this is where things start to escalade.

A lot of us just don’t take time out and take one step back and say what do I want? Putting yourself first is ok! It’s not a bad thing. You have a busy lifestyle and always on the go. We’re busy with work, school and taking care of our families. It’s important but I think we forget about ourselves and we don’t stop and realize that sometimes there’s no one there to stop you and say, slow down. This may often leave you feeling lonely.

How do you deal with it without feeling like you’re falling down?

-Put yourself first

-Be kind to you

-Be confident

-Setting a positive mindset for yourself

-Dont have high expectations

-Stay strong

-Face your fears

-Don’t compare with other people

-Disconnect with Social Media

-Take a walk

-Put on some Makeup

-Drink coffee/tea

-Have some cake

-Do something nice for someone

-Make a list of things that you’re greatful for

-Appreciate beauty

These are just a few things I can list here but it’s really just the small and simple things in life that can perk up your day.  Just believe in yourself and you’ll see how powerful the mind can be.  Tell yourself -> “Yes You Can!”

I hope you found this post helpful and if it inspired you, leave me a comment below and share your thoughts.

Remember, something as small as hugs and a smile is all you need! X



  1. Ande
    February 12, 2018 / 1:21 am

    A great reminder, thank you Sharleen!

    • sharleen
      March 13, 2018 / 12:51 am

      You’re welcome!<3 xx